Employee Biography

Talida Wegener

For everyone that doesn’t know her, here are the key dates of her life.
After graduating from school her life continued with working different jobs
which included a travel agency, one year in Washington, USA as a Nanny,
the stockmarket department at Deutsche Bank as well as the Frankfurt
Galaxy (American Football).
It was then that she decided to give the Music business a try and was
offered a job with “Eye Q” one of the major electronic music labels
at the time.
What started as a job to overlook bookings for Sven Väth as well as
office management in 1994 turned into a highly successful career as
Sven Väth’s management and booking. This continued with the position
as Managing Director of the newly founded Sven Väth’s
Cocoon Music Event GmbH, which included the operation of the
Cocoon Booking department. She played a key role in the expansion of
what started as a small music agency and is now an international
recognized entity.
With 16 years of experience she realised it was time for a change and
according to the saying: “You should quit on a high note” started her
own business in January 2010 - TW Artist Management GmbH.
As a woman who knows her business, Talida can now look back on
extensive knowledge of artist management and is dedicated to provide
her artists with only the highest quality service. Her focus has always
been on building long lasting relationships based on trust and loyalty.
Her background includes working with artists that represent different
styles of music within the electronic music scene.
To name a few:
Earth Nation
Toni Rios
Frank Lorber
Pascal FEOS
Gayle San
Carl Cox
Timo Maas
Josh Wink
Der Dritte Raum
Events for which she also applied her management skills and played
a part in the development are:
Cocoon @ Amnesia Events
Green & Blue Festival presented by Cocoon (Open Air Event Rhein-Main region)